HANNOVER MESSE 2018, 23 - 27 April
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Hall 14, Stand H40

Product description

Compact, and yet extremely powerful, are this units of the EX series.
Their planetary drive train makes them the ideal choice for all the severe duty applications where shock loadings and impacts are usual and frequent.
The product configuration is highly versatile, due to several options as far as the mounting, the gear layout, the output shaft and the motor interface.
Finding the perfect match to any drive problem is therefore more than a wish, it is something users can safely rely on, always.

All products offered by this exhibitor

Drive I

The drive I was designed with ZERO compromise on quality, reliability or performance. There're complete and more

Electronic speed variator ESV

STM SpA, one of the leading power transmission manufacturers, has worldwide introduced its newly born ESV (electronic speed variator). This ESV version transformed the old concept of electronical motorvariator in a tru motoinverter. We have an easy interfacibility with with control system like PLC more


High quality and compactness are among the main peculiarities you will enjoy when selecting our new three phase VELA electric more

STM Motor T-D-M

Our IEC normalized motors comply with all the applicable international standards, including the EMC and LV Directives. They are available in the foot B3 and the flange B5 and B14 mounting version, single and dual pole version available and with brake options offered. Finally, all motors are inverter more

Right angle ZP

Right angle ZP heavy series with cast iron case, silent functioning and more

Right angle ZL

Our right angle gears ZL series are no heavy and are silent functioning. Ratio: Min 1/1 - Max 1/2 Torque (Nm): Min 1,1 - Max 42 Power (Kw): Min 0,08 - Max 6,5read more

Right angle Z

Our right angle gears make the difference for the favourable relation between power/ dimension and for the possibility of a silent and regular functioning also at high speed. Ratio: Min 1/1 - Max 1/5 Torque (Nm): Min 8,9 - Max 2109 Power (Kw): Min 0,46 - Max 325read more

Shaft mounted PT

This series is the best choice for the quarry and mine applications where absolute reliability and low maintenance are key factors. Also appreciated is the backstop option that prevents backdriving in case of incline more

Worm WI

After 5 years from the first presentation, it`s now available the new U worm gearboxesrange. We introduce also the new sizes 25, 30, 130 and 150. The performances and the dimensions are the same to the old series but withoutinput coupling and all sizes painted. Ratio: Min 1/7.5 - Max 1/100 Torque more

Mechanical variator WM

In view of carrying out a costant product development, expecially on those products where no technical innovations are due, we have managed to increase the efficiency of our mechanical speed variators by reducing the heat dissipation during operation. This has all been possible by working out an additional more

Mechanical variator V

In view of carrying out a costant product development, expecially on those products where no technical innovations are due, we have managed to increase the efficiency of our mechanical speed variators by reducing the heat dissipation during operation. This has all been possible by working out an additional more

LIMIT Torque limiter

New ideas to approach a bigger market together : the patent of our torque limiter built inside our standard gearbox. Adventages are the high modularity and acceptable more

Worm U

STM introduce a new range of cube-shaped worm gearboxes. This execution is suitable for a wide variety of fixing possibilities and allows a better modularity of the components in stock. In fact, through an input bronze coupling it is possible to connect all sizes IEC and brushless electric motors more

Helical worm CR

When designing this range of gearbox, STM technicians decided to project one single body to include all gears. This solution allows an efficient heat dissipation as well as a high housing rigidity and application easiness. Efficiency will then be mostly positively improved but also lastability and more

Double worm RR

Simply to connect two worm gear, we obtain this gearboxes series for applications with low ratios: less efficiency but high more

Worm R

The company has decided to update main product by adding three innovative principles : two technical and one commercial. All components in aluminium are die casted (from size 28 to size 70) to increase resistance to torsional and structure flexibility.ZI teething profile (section and involute) has been more

Agriculture sector gearboxes

Our range of products is in constant development, in order to meet the different customers' requirements and to provide new technical solutions to the constantly developing field of Agricultural Technology. Each Gearbox model has been studied to provide top power performance in each possible application, more

Bucket elevator RXO-O 800

RXO-O series for bucket elevators takes origin from the standard RX to which a secondary auxiliary gearbox is added to modify the tranmsission speed. As a result the gearbox will perform a primary speed for the standard operations and a secondary speed (much slower) for the positioning. MAIN GEARBOX Ratio: more

Lifting RXP-E 800

RXP-E series for industrial lifting takes origin from the standard RX to which has been given a secondary planetary gearbox. These gearboxes have input and output shafts with wide dimensions in order to fulfil the expectations of heavy mechanical producers of lift systems, giving an optimum relationship more

Extruder RXP-EST 800

This new gearboxes series for single screw extruder control, has consolidated the position of our company at the market top for transmittable moment torque. RXP/EST is a machine intended to be very innovative by having screw front extraction and thrust hold bearing on flanged mounting. In this way more

Bevel helical O

These new products strike for the robustness due to the realisation of the housing in monolithic structure which, combined to the technical choice to have only reduction ratio obtained from 3 gears stage, put the final product in a very high qualitative and performance more

Single stage AR/1

Thanks to the almost reinforced experience in the field of the in-line gearboxes at 2 and 3 stage, we realised the single stage: the right relation between pair/price for the industrial application where it is required an high number of output speed more


The new range of universal helical gearboxes, establish a new standard on the market to refer to, having a suitable dimensioning fit for granting the maximum and constant reliability in the more heavy working conditions. An effective answer to the power transmission requirements of the middle-heavy more


The low power bevel helical gearbox range, which was unavailable until today, is now ready by means of a brand new type of gearbox for which mechanical system STM has been given the copyright. This very new and innovative gearbox relies on helical gears with oblique shafts and puts together in a more


This extended center distance gearbox is specifically intended for small-medium size powers: the result is a very flexible and easy to install unit particularly suitable for a wide range of applications such as screw conveyors, mixers and travelling drives. Ratio: Min 1/17.2 - Max 1/1101 Torque (Nm): more

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