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Rain Detector

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The large sensor area reacts to rain or snow. The switch polarity and sensitivity are adjustable. The optionally switched heater prevents freezing or dew formation and quickens drying. In the maximum sensitivity setting, the device is also suitable for the detection of fog. Accessories are available for mast and wall mounting for easy assembling.

Nurseries and agriculture
Control of ventilation hatches and garret windows
Automatic switch for awnings and roller blinds
Building automation
Weather stations

Fail-safe, electrolytic measurement principle
Precipitation can be detected as rain or snow
Large, heated sensor area for fast drying and operation in winter season
Sensitivity and switching mode adjustable
Universal wall/mast mounting bracket as accessories

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Infrared Camera «Thermo-Cam» Mobile camera with USB connection

The Thermo-Cam is a small, compact infrared camera for monitoring and evaluation of thermal processes in the industry. Aside from time, temperature is the most frequently measured physical property. The temperature behaviour is therefore a very good indicator for the status of physical systems. Friction more

PC Temperature Measurement System with RS232 or USB Interface

Professional temperature measurement for data processing on the computer: The measurement systems for up to 20 temperature channels are a solution to complex tasks, for long-time recording and for data analysis. The applied type DS 1820 DALLAS temperature sensor, are connected to a three-wire bus more

Temperature/Humidity Sensor Probe with serial or USB Interface

The product offers an efficient measurement and display system for temperature and relative humidity. The compact measuring probe with a size of Ø 12 x 150 mm is housed in stainless steel. The Scope of delivery includes a port converter, which enables direct operation via the USB port of a computer. more

Controller N321 Cooling and Heating Temperature Controller

The N321 temperature controller is used to measure, display and control the temperature in many different systems and applications. The controller is available in several versions, depending on the chosen sensor type: Pt100, Pt1000, NTC 10k or thermocouples type J, K and T. It offers an excellent price more

Radar Based Motion Detector Module with signal interpretation

The Radar Based Motion Detector Module is suitable for a variety of applications where presence or movement are to be registrated and switching operations are to be triggered. It meets the requirements for door openers, alarm and security systems and for the controlling of machines. Radar operates through more

PIR Motion Alarm Module with Fresnel lens

The universal PIR Motion Alarm Module with integrated light sensor is used for automatic lighting control. When movement or darkness, is detected, the relay is switched on for an adjustable time period. The PIR Motion Alarm Module has an adjustable operating distance of 4 to 10 m and also adjustable more

Light Probe 50...20000 Lux

Universal light probe for general applications. As dimmer switch, the probe, in combination with switching electronics, controls the outside illumination or operates rolling shutters or blinds for example in winter gardens. Further areas of application come up in alarm systems or to monitor the lighting more

Brightness Sensor with transmitter 0...10 V

The Brightness Sensor is a light sensor for building control systems. It is protected against overvoltage and transients and is suitable for continuous operation. For the measurement of intensity of illumination a precice and longterm-stable photodiode with industrial Features data is used. The processing more

Leakage alarm unit WATER DETECTOR

The WATER DETECTOR is a functionally leakage monitor with adjustable sensitivity and switching behaviour, two integrated, gold-plated measuring tips and a potential free switch output (Relay) 30V / 4 A. The measurement level is adjustable from 0 to 15 mm. Features Safe operation, impedance measuring more

Fill Level Probe with Pendulum electrodes for level controller

The probe is used for sensing the fill level at 4 stages in water or other conductive liquids. The probe has five hanging electrodes, which hang out at different lengths inside the medium up to the switching point of that stage. The hanging electrodes are in the form of corrosion protected stainless more

Level controller for conductive liquids

The level controller is used for simultaneous monitoring of the minimum and maximum level of conductive liquids. Suitable probes see pages 36 and 37. The level controller works with four electrodes in a fluid container that project into the medium up to the desired switch point. According to the water more

Weather Protection Housing for protection of probes in outdoor areas

Outdoor humidity sensors in particular must be protected against solar radiation and rain. The weather protection housing are optimal solutions to protect the sensors from weather conditions without distorting the readings. Special materials that are suitable for outdoor use ensure long-lasting durability. more

Rain Detector

The large sensor area reacts to rain or snow. The switch polarity and sensitivity are adjustable. The optionally switched heater prevents freezing or dew formation and quickens drying. In the maximum sensitivity setting, the device is also suitable for the detection of fog. Accessories are available more

Humidity Controller for Sanitary Rooms

The humidity controller is the problem solution to avoid fungal growth and building erosion in moist rooms such as showers, bathrooms and sanitary rooms. In addition to the time-controlled automatic function via light switch, the device also provides a humidity control operation. It switches the fan more

Humidity- and Temperature-Measurement System

In addition to low pricing, the building automation branch sets high Features requirements on measurement systems. Long term stability by continuous use, protection against surges and transients, power supply, through DC or AC options and high accuracy level are some of the needs of these application. more

Triple Sensor for Indoor Environment Control

The sensor measures carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature and the relative humidity in residential and business rooms. The measured values are each issued via a 0-10 V outputs (e. g. to a ventilator controlling). 2 relay outputs (5 A/250V AC) are switched independently of the CO2 concentration. The switching more

Dew Point Controllers with surface sensors

The Dew Point Controller from B+B are condensation monitors for switch cabinets, cooling ceilings, windows, damp-proof equipment, submersible pumps and other items that must be protected from condensation. The condensation monitor is mounted on the object, and at high humidity levels, as dew forms or more

Portable data logger with LCD

Portable data logger with LCD and integrated sensors for measurement of temperature and relative humidity. - Integrated LCD for visualization of collected data - Integrated temperature and humidity sensors - Manual or software controlled measurement start: immediately, scheduled on day and time more


The hygrometer measurement technique of B+B Thermo-Technik is conceived to fulfil the highest requirements in precision and reliability. The different executions of the sensor heads offer a solution for every application. In Comparison with other hygrometers they captivate with their excellent price more


Reliable, precise and handy! For both the professional in industry and laboratory and for daily private use at B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH you'll find your most suitable Thermometer! Whether measuring surfaces, liquids or solids, for precise or simple measurements, you can choose here. Take note of the more

Transmitters analogue and digital

The temperature transmitters transform the voltage or resistance changes signals of thermocouples or platinum resistors respectively in a 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 VDC signals. These standardised signals can be transmitted easily and securely even over long distances. The output signals of the transmitters more

Airsecure TH509 A

Compact device with integrated measuring chamber with filter choke and compressed air plug NW7 alternatively also a 3/8" internal thread can be used. Features: - Monitoring of compressed air in plants with cold or membran dryers - Application Range -20 ... +40 °C dtp - Simple assemply by compressed more

Handheld Infrared Thermometers

Aim - Press - Read Where normal contact thermometers are not of use, Infrared Thermometers offer fast and precise measurements. Handling is most simple. Aim, press and read. Infrared instruments have a quick response time and are ideally suitable for measuring at distance or moving objects. Measuring more

Cable Probe

Adopted individually to the needs of the customer, B+B Thermo-Technik provides a wide range of cable probes. In particular, this type of probe is produced in large quantities for boilers and thermal stores. Sword shaped or flat test probes ensure an optimum temperature measurement. Cable probes can more

Mineral Insulated Thermocouples / Resistance Thermometers

The Mineral Insulated Thermocouples are fire resistant, resistant against high pressures and vibrations and have a long life time even in extreme conditions. With a bending radius of 5 x outer diameter of the Thermocouple they are very flexible. They are standardly insulated from the sheath. But they more

Controllers and Indicators

Digital Indicators with limit switch: The digital Indicators N480i and N1500 are equipped with configurable inputs for multiple thermocouple types, resistance measurement Pt100, mA, mV, V and DC. The indicators are equipped with a well readable LCD for displaying the measurements and visualization of more

Data Logger

The electronic Data Loggers of B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH are highly automatic devices for the continous measurement of temperature and / or humidity. The DC linear inputs (in some models) allow a widely non-constrained choice of the measuring sensors. Conceived for the use in normal and industry domains more

Stationary Infrared Measurement DM-Series

Whether in Metal, Glass, Paper, Plastics, Clay and Ceramic industries or in the research and development domains, the B+B infrared measurement instrumentation are ideal tools for the control and monitoring of you processes. The infrared sensors offer you the highest degree of precision and reliability. more

Digital Thermometer

B+B Digital Thermometers- reliable, precise and handy! For professional use in industry and laboratory as well as for daily private use, B+B Thermo-Technik offers you the most suitable Thermometer! Whether for surfaces measuring or with penetration probes- for precise or simple measurements - we offer more

Gas Sampling Probes

Whether with sampling tubes with diameter 10 mm, 8 mm or 6 mm, the B+B Thermo-Technik Gas Sampling Probes gives very fast result. The BlmSchG requested requirement T98 < 50 seconds are always undercut. Combined with the fast analyse cells standardly used in the Smoke analysing devices, the B+B sampling more

Temperature Humidity Sensors

The temperature and humidity probes used in industrial applications have to fulfil very high requirements in regards to measuring accuracy, long term and mechanical stability. The B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH humidity probes of the series TH109 and TH209 have been developed to comlpy with these requirements. more

Temperature Sensors and Cables

Resistance temperature devices (RTD): The high temperature dependance of the electrical resistance of metals (Platinum, Nickel, Copper...) and other conducting materials (semiconductors, ionic and ceramic conductors) is used for electrical temperature measurement in the industry. Platinum (Pt100, Pt500, more

Thermocouple Connectors

Where thermocouples are used for temperature measurement and / or control, where the portability of measurement equipment is important, B+B Thermo-Technik Thermocouple Connectors are used. Possible measurement errors due to fluctuations in the ambient temperature are avoided, since all contacts are made more

Building Probes, Probes for pipes

These room temperature probes with real 2-wire transmitters are ideal for the temperature monitoring and control in office, works and living rooms. The 2-wire transmitter technology allows an easy integration of these probes within any climatic control plant. The temperature range is user configurable more

Penetration Temperature Probes

The special construction of these robust waterproof penetration RTD-probes makes them ideal for the control of cooking and baking processes in all domains of the food and beverage industy. Further areas of application are autoklaves and sterilizers. The high quality stainless steel protection tube is more

Temperature Probes NiCr-Ni for Portable Measuring Instruments

The type K handheld temperature probes are executed with a green retractable lead and a green connector, thereby identifying the thermocouple type for the use. The handheld temperature probes correspond to IEC 584-3. The new colour coding also includes a smaller tolerance of the temperature deviation more

Temperature Probes with Connection Head

Screw-in thermocouples are preferred for measuring temperatures in liquid and gaseous media. The reliable sealing of the fitting form in sub as well as positive pressure is an important selection criterion. Teating, Furnace and Instrument designs as long as Process Technology are the application areas. more

Temperature Probes with Bayonet Connection

Bayonet Probes are very robust temperature probes and are best suited for a fast switching between hot and cold, for use in vibration, high pressures or with oils or dirt. There are different temperature sensors which are assembled in the gauge slide. Here you can choose between Pt100 (Class B) and thermocouples more

Screw in Probes

Screw-Resistance Thermometers are preferably used for measuring temperatures in liquid and gaseous media or in the plastic industry. The reliable impermeability of this design at low pressure as well as over pressure is an important selection criteria. Application areas are among others in the air conditioning more

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