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SVC-(B)S Automatic voltage stabilizer

Sassin International Electric Shanghai

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Hall 12, Stand B66

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After devoting great efforts into research and development, SASSIN has launched the SVC S series of high precision and full automatic AC voltage stabilizer. It consists of many specific spare parts, including voltage regulating coil, servo-actuator and automatic control circuit, etc. When electric fence is unstable or the load has changed, the automatic sampling control circuit will send signals to start the servo-actuator adjust the place of carbon brush moving on voltage regulating coil, so as to correct the output voltage into rated voltage range.
The power supply panel of this stabilizer is LED display in Chinese. It has advantages of small size, with full functions and attractive appearance, etc. The stabilizer is widely applied in regions where the wave or seasonal changes of the electric fence and voltage have wide movements. This protective equipment is ideal for household appliances and precise instruments.
This product contains many functions, including wide range of input voltage, stable output voltage, high precision, long and short time delay setting, no additional output waveform distortion, short response time, with load analogue display, overload warning and alarming, earth leakage protection, etc.

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.Incoming-feeder and outgoing-feeder function in distribution systems .Switching and protecting large powers,motors,capacitors,generators,transformers,busbars and cables .Overload protection .Short-circuit protection with short delay .Instantaneous short-circuit protection .Used in building,industry,energy more


Incoming and outgoing function in distribution systems .Switching and protection of short circuit and overload for motors, transformers and capacitors Disconnect or units with features for stopping and switching off in an emergency mechanisms and terminal covers in conjunction with likeable rotary more


Assembly on site with MCBs .Protection against the effects of sinusoidal alternating earth fault currents .Protection against indirect contacts and additional protection against direct contacts Specification: .Standard:IEC61009-1 .Approval:CE .Type:AC,A .Number of poles:2,3,4 .Rated current more


Overload protection .Short circuit protection .Isolation .Controlling .Used in residential building,non-residential building,energy sources,industry and infrastructure Specification: Standards:IEC60898-1,IEC60947-2 .Approvals:CE,SEMKO,CB .Rated current In(A):1,2,3,4,6,10,16,20,25,32,40,50,63 .Rated more

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3SL71N-40 RCBO residual current circuit breaker is a RCBO type with indicator. It applies to circuit or AC 50Hz/60Hz, rated voltage 230V and rated current up to 40A, it can protect the circuit agaist overload and short circuit, it can also be used for infrequent switch over electric device and illumination more

3SB71F-63 Shunt Release Circuit Breaker

3SB71F-63 Shunt Release Circuit Breaker is for remote controlling and breaking circuit, protecting circuit when overload or short circuit take place, and also for switching over circuit infrequently. it is widely used together with IC Prepaid Tariff Meter for Controlling making and breaking contact of more

3SD8 Distribution box

3SD8 distribution box is designed with streamline and fashionable outline. It can match modern buildings well when surface-installed. It has many advantages, like fast installation, easy maintenance, easy operation, etc. Base and cover will be fastened by just turning plastic screw by 90°in clockwise more

3SGL load break switches

3SGL switches is applicable for AC 50Hz, rated voltage AC 660V and below, DC 440V and below, rated current 3150A. It can be applied for manually infrequent making & breaking and disconnecting of the circuit, it can be only used for disconnecting power supply, and can't break the circuit on load if exceeds more

3SAQ3 series automatic transfer switch (ATS)

3SQA3 series automatic transfer switch is applicable in AC 240/415V, and 50/60Hz emergency supply power system. If one source feed fails, the transfer switch automatically connects the load to the second source feed, without manual operation, ensuring the power supply reliable for user. It is used in more

3SR8 thermal relay

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3SCJ19 capacitor switching contactor

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3SU1 surge protector device (SPD)

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3SCH8/3SC8-H mini contactor

3SCH8 and 3SC8-H AC contactor (contactor for short) is mainly designed for AC 50Hz or 60Hz circuit with 230V rated operating voltage. In AC-1/AC-7a application usage, rated operating voltage up to 230V, rated operating current up to 63A, it functions as long distance breaking and circuit controlling more

3SB66 DPN circuit breaker

3SB66 miniature circuit breaker applies to locations such as industrial, commercial, high rise and civil residence with AC 230V and below for terminal distribution protection (overload and short circuit protection), can also be used to infrequent making and breaking operations. This breaker complies more

3SB1D/C45D Modular signal lamp

LED illumination and Neon bulb illumination are available with different colors as red, green, yellow, gray, and white. The modular signal is applicable to circuit with rated voltage 230V and frequency 50/60Hz for visual indication and more

3SB71L Residual current circuit breaker with overload protection(RCBO)

3SB71L-50 residual current-operated circuit breaker is a RCBO type with indicator. It applies to circuit of AC 50Hz, rated voltage 230V and rated current 50A or below. It is used to protect people in case of ground fault and protect electrical installations against overload or short circuit. It is manufactured more

10KA MCB 3SB71

10KA Semko certified MCB from 6A to 63A B, C, D curves are more

3SM19 Motor Protection Circuit Breaker

Application This product is suitable for using in circuit up to AC 660V or 440V and current 0.1 to 16A. It can be used for protection of overload and short circuit of 3-phase squirrel-cage motors, and starters of motors at full voltage. It is suitable to use to protect the motor from under voltage. It more

3SC8 Contactor

Application 3SC8 AC Contactor is suitable for using in the circuits up to the rated voltage 660V AC 50Hz or 60Hz, rated current up to 95A, for making, breaking,frequently starting & controlling the AC motor. Combined with the auxiliary contact block, timer delay & mechanical - interlocking device etc, more

SVC-(B)S Automatic voltage stabilizer

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DDSY989 electronic single phase prepayment kilowatt hour meter

DDSY989 static single-phase prepayment watt hour meter is developed with the latest technology. It is for measure 240V 50Hz or 60Hz AC active energy. It is an ideal product to change the method of payment for electricity. By selling the power by card it can control the suing of power conveniently. All more

RT16 low voltage fuses and fuse base

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3SGLR fuse combination switches

3SGLR series switch-disconnector fuse is applicable in the circuit of AC 50Hz, rated voltage AC 660V and below, DC 440V and below, rated current up to 630A. In the power distribution system of industrial enterprises, it is mainly used in distributor circuit and motor circuit with high short-circuit current more

3SQ8-D star-delta reduced voltage starter

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3SL15N full-automatic over-voltage/under-voltage protector

The 3SL15N complies with modular design standards. The circuit boards of products adopt imported electronic components with reliable performance. When the power situation is unstable, its protection function will be automatically activated. Once the voltage exceeds the limited range of products, it will more

3SW8 intelligent air circuit breaker (ACB)

3SW8 intelligent air circuit breaker applies to distribution network of AC 50/60Hz with rated voltage 400V, 690V and rated current 400A up to 6300A, it is used to protect circuit and equipment from overload, under-voltage, short-circuit etc. with multiple protection function and precise selective protection more


3SB71G main switch is designed to accept cable-in/cable-out connections as well as busbar connection. It can be used as an isolating switch. The switch disconnector is capable of switching both resistive and inductive loads. The product conforms to more

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