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ESM, Universal Input PID Process Controller

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Process Controller Smart I/O Module System Rs-232/485 Modbus RTU Serial Communication

5 sizes available:
ESM-4450 (48x48mm)
ESM-4950 (96x48mm)
ESM-7750 (72x72mm)
ESM-9450 (48x96mm)
ESM-9950 (96x96mm)

- 4 digits process (PV) and 4 digits process set (SV) display
- Universal process input (TC, RTD, mVZ , VZ , mAZ)
- Optional secondary sensor input
- Dual or multi point calibration for ZVoltage / Current input
- Configurable ON/OFF, P, PI, PD and PID control forms
- Adaptation of PID coefficients to the system with Auto-tune and Self-tune
- Manual/Automatic mode selection for control outputs
- Bumpless transfer
- Smart I/O module system
- Programmable heating, cooling and alarm functions for control outputs
- Motorized valve control function
- 8 steps profile control ( Ramp & Soak ) function and start-hold-stop by using logic input module
- Remote set point function by using analogue input modules
- Retransmission of process value or process control by using 0/4...20 mAZ Current Output Module
- Detection of heater failure by using 0...5A VCT input . module
- Hardware configuration by using input/output modules
- RS-232 (standard) or RS-485 (optional) serial communication with Modbus RTU protocol

Application Fields Applications

Glass Motorized valve control
Plastic Profile Control
Petro-Chemistry PID Process Control
Textile Heater Failure detection
Machine production industries


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