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LINEPULS - LINECOD Inkrementelle und Absolute Sensoren

Lika Electronic

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Logo LINEPULS - LINECOD Inkrementelle und Absolute Sensoren


- Magnetisches Messsystem für Längen und Winkel
- Absolutes magnetisches Messsystem


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XC77 / XAC77 ATEX certified encoders

XC77 / XAC77 is the high performance incremental, fieldbus and Ethernet encoder family with ATEX certification from Lika Electronic. It combines robustness, accuracy and flexibility for use in hazardous and extreme environments and the roughest applications and is ideally suited for a variety of tricky ...weiterlesen

Encoders for robotics

High Accuracy & High Reliability Encoders for Industrial Robotsweiterlesen

POSICONTROL - Displays and Position controllers

LD200 is a Universal display with high performance and 8 LED digits. Only one hardware version can manage all types of incremental and absolute encoders like: - incremental rotary and linear encoders with TTL and HTL output - encoders and sensors with 1Vpp output - absolute rotary and linear encoders ...weiterlesen

DRIVECOD - Positioning units

The integrated positioning units of the DRIVECOD product family are used to move secondary axes precisely to a given target position. The positioning is carried out independently by the unit without need of any axis controller. DRIVECOD's are composed of a gear-motor, an absolute encoder, a drive and ...weiterlesen

ROTAMAG - Magnetic encoders

Magnetic encoders have a robust aluminum or stainless-steel housing with outside diameters starting from ø 36 mm. Both incremental and absolute encoders are available as compact low-cost versions or with Ø58mm housing for heavy industrial applications. The main advantages compared to optical encoders ...weiterlesen

ROTAPULS - Incremental encoder

Lika has a complete range of incremental rotary encoders for standard and heavy industrial use.Versions with solid shaft and hollow shaft up to Ø44mm are available. Flat hollow shaft encoders are especially designed for motor feedback applications. Modular encoders can be realized with magnetic rings ...weiterlesen

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