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Lüftung und Zubehör für Schaltschränke


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Wie bieten Lüftungsgeräte für Schaltschränke

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The series "lighting" is composed of thin and versatile lighting for electric enclosures. The range is completed by the series 'CP22' Fitted with Schuko socket and switch, it can be mounted with clips on DIN rail, with screws or with magnetic fixing.weiterlesen


We produce single and double thermostat for the control of temperature inside the cabinet. Based on bimetallic junction, provide high capacity and separated NO and NC contacts in different combinations. Electronic Hygrothermostat for DIN 35 mm. rail mounting. Typically used to control enclosure heaters. ...weiterlesen

Lüftung und Zubehör für Schaltschränke

Wie bieten Lüftungsgeräte für Schaltschränkeweiterlesen

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