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Panel Mounted Circuit Breaker Monitor


Terasaki Electric (Europe)

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It can monitor the readings from circuit breaker with communication, trip history and status of the breaker. It is a completely new product developed by Terasaki Japan to increase breakers safety and improving its usability.

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3C Overheating Protection

Overheating protection for switchgearweiterlesen

TemTrip 2

TemTrip 2 is a multi-protection relay for medium or low voltage circuit breakers that is capable of indicating the load current is picked up or the breaker trips open and showing various information including the phase current, line voltage and fault current on the LCD. The relay is available in three ...weiterlesen

Final Distribution Products

Pro-DB Distribution Boards and Pro-Panel Panelboards are designed for Terasaki circuit breakers, offering co-ordinated protection from transformer to final circuit. These products will allow panelbuilders and installation contractors to offer systems which comply with UK building regulations and product ...weiterlesen

Circuit Breaker With Residual Current Protection

These circuit breakers have the the residual current protection which is controlled by two electronic boards. The design of these boards has a very low power consumption (1W). The electronic boards are able to protect the circuit also in the case of one phase fault. Insensitivity to an impulse overvoltage ...weiterlesen


- Contactors, thermal overload relays, accessories - 6A to 800A AC3 - 9 Frame sizes - 3P and 4Pweiterlesen

Power Factor Correction

Terasaki is the exclusive UK distributor of a complete range of products and systems for low, medium and high voltage power factor correction. If you are outside the UK Contact us for details of local suppliers. We have a huge range of affordable modular cassettes for switchboard installation and ...weiterlesen

Terasaki Retrofit Solution

Der Tempower2 offene Leistungsschalter hat ein kompaktes und funktionales design. Er kann verwendet werden um gegen vorhandene Schalter in fast jeder Anlage getauscht zu werden, vorausgesetzt die vorhandenen Kupferschienen und die Traggerueste lassen dieses zu. Terasaki hat verschiedene Umbausatze ...weiterlesen


We offer digital Multimeters and Analysers.weiterlesen

Miniature Circuit Breakers

We offer DIN Modular Devices including MCBs with interupting capacities of 6kA and 10kA. Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB), Residual Current Device (RCD), Residual Current Circuit Breaker with earth leakage interruption (RCCB), Residual Current circuit Breaker with Overload protection (RCBO)weiterlesen

Kompakter Leistungsschalter

Terasaki TemBreak2 Leafletweiterlesen

Offener Leistungsschalter

Terasaki TmPower 2 Leafletweiterlesen

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