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Ing. MsC Arno Gramsma

AddFab B.V., Ing. MsC Arno Gramsma


AddFab B.V.


Arno Gramsma is Director of AddFab B.V. After graduating his bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and  master in Technical Management he started working in several technical management functions.


Since 2012 Arno has been involved in Additive Manufacturing technology within different projects.

In 2012 he started the business unit 3DP within KMWE. There he worked within a consortium AddLab where 9 partners worked for 4 years to learn the art of metal powder bed printing.

In 2016 the AddLab initiative continued as a company privately funded by 3 industrial partners. AddFab is the 3D printing factory for the production of industrial metal parts in Eindhoven.

Within AddFab KMWE together with partners NTS Group and Machinefabriek de Valk will industrialise Metal Additive Manufacturing within its facilities. To further integrate Additive Manufacturing in the Industrial Ecosystem AddFab will be situated on the new Brainport Industry Campus.

Next to this he worked in two European projects;  developing an innovative fast production technology and district machine for customized footwear insoles manufacturing (FP7; ADDFactor), and developing technologies assisting manufacturing of intelligent, “passive” and highly personalised kineto-dynamic equipment (Movement Assistive Devices) to enhance or compensate human movements, aiding the disabled, elderly and workers H2020; MovAid)

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