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Benjamin Schulz

Managing Partner

GridHub GmbH,  Benjamin Schulz


GridHub GmbH


Daniel Benjamin Schulz
Born: 7th of February, 1984, Cologne

Abitur, Salem International College, 2001-2003
BSc Mathematics, Imperial College London, 2004-2007

Work and Founding Experience
Bransparent GmbH, founded 2007, Co-Founder
Internet platform for sustainable companies. Company closed 2009.
Dealcollector GmbH, founded 2007, Co-Founder
Shopping platform - company is still active.
Various internet platforms and applications
Not organised in a particular company - sold or closed., founded 2012, Co-Founder
Internet platform for e-Bikes. Company is active.
Termine24 GmbH (now Shore GmbH), founded 2012, Co-Founder
CRM for local businesses. Active in several European countries, with multiple
funding rounds, +€20M total investment.
Gufo Capital, founded 2015, Co-Founder
Small investment company.
GridHub GmbH, founded 2015, Co-Founder
Building and supporting initiatives and companies that drive the energy transition.

Investor & Shareholder
AX Semantics (artificial intelligence, €3M investment 2016),
TOA Berlin (inter-disciplinary festival),
TopCheck (sold 2016),
Thalamed (Medizintechnikmarkt, €1.5M investment 2015-2016),

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