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Damian Matewski


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Damian Matewski firstly attended technical school and then progressed onto his graduate studies at Warsaw University of Technology. In 2008-2009 he attended the Warsaw School of Economics, which served as a good background in business and the way the commercial world operates. This experience was enhanced by the fact that he had already been working for 8 years in business, dealing with Key Account Management, Product Management and learning how to build a new company.
The combination of additional education and the gathering of professional experience, along with a substantial amount of training courses and coaching he has attended over the years, has helped him successfully established and developed cutting tools trading company in Poland during the last 10 years, achieving annual sales growth figures of 62%.
His involvement in many projects such as the launching of new products and technologies on the market, Key account developments, Commercialization, as well as Company Management, have equipped him with the professional skills for a "big global project" based on "Genius at The Core" technologies.

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