HANNOVER MESSE 2018, 23. - 27. April
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Jeroen Rondeel

Entrepeneur, Innovator

Pulseform,  Jeroen Rondeel




New joining technology, do you see the connection, benefits:
● Hybrid metal joining,
● Metal / non-metal connections. Only the outer work piece needs to be conductive, or has to be surrounded by a conductive sleeve.
● Stable controlled process,
● No heat affected zones,
● Green/clean process without precursor, shield gasses or aggressive cleaning agents (flux or gas). No pollution of the work piece.
● No filler material (e.g. silver solder or welding wire), allowing cradle to cradle recycling.
● Contactless connection. No tool print
● Joining of pre-coated parts. The work pieces that needs to connect can be given a surface treatment in advance.

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