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Jon Martinez Lopez de Gereña


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Basque Country

LUDUS CEO-CTO, Computer Engineer, tireless seeker of new challenges and a new technologies lover. He created his own company, Pulsar Concept, which developed applications and video games and offered specialized education in coding and development of video games. In 2015, the company began to develop its own technology, focusing on virtual reality simulations. In 2016, Pulsar Concept gave rise to the setting up of a new company, LUDUS. The company has developed its unique virtual reality technology, for training professionals in industry and emergency sectors, whose aim is to reduce costs and loss ratios of the companies, as well as facilitate its production and organizational processes. LUDUS has created some projects like the workplace safety simulator or the simulator developed for fire services. He also participates in activities in education centers, as well as specialized conferences in new technologies and entrepreneurship, becoming a reference professional in those areas.

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