HANNOVER MESSE 2018, 23. - 27. April
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Maurits Houck

Technical Manager

Delft Hyperloop,  Maurits Houck


Delft Hyperloop


Maurits Houck is the new team Technical Mangager. Always inspired by the future of sustainable transportation he dreams to change the world of transportation. He wants to make proactive choices with ever new self-knowledge. This way he wants to get the most out of every day, by giving a lot of things a chance and always searching for new things. With a team he wants to build solutions to the challenges of the future. With an Honours study in Applied Physics he has the fundamental and broad background to work on such projects. He has always been busy with technical projects, from quantum computers to super-efficient cars driving 1600 km/l. Next is the challenge to realise the future of transportation: the Hyperloop.

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