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Application of Fracture Mechanics based Methods in Life Cycle Management of Wind Turbines

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Wind Turbines - offshore and onshore - are opposed to High Cycle Fatigue Loads. This causes calculation efforts beyond normal design already in the design phase that result in a bundle of quality measures applied for steel selection, production and following fabrication. Drives contain a chain of large sized components with vital function. From the rotor hub of the shaft to the planet carrier of the gear box and the main frame these elements are specifically designed often thick walled structures and are usually made from forging or cast iron.

It is mostly a lack of experience in how to apply and pre-dominantly a lack of availability of the material input data (fracture toughness and crack growth parameters) that hinders from easy use of the method. Another difficulty is the interpretation of NDT results and NDT standards in view of the definition of an initial imperfection size for such calculations. The contribution will deal with these problems in a practical way from basics.


 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Langenberg

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Langenberg

Vorstandsvorsitzender, IWT-Solutions AG

Dipl.-Ing. Metallurgie und Werkstofftechnik 1989 RWTH Aachen, Dr.-Ing. RWTH Aachen 1995, Hon. Prof. Uni Duisburg-Essen 2017,
Gründung IWT-Ing.Büro; 1997, Inhaber, Gründung IWTprojects Ltd, 2008, Managing ...

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