HANNOVER MESSE 2019, 01. - 05. April
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Automated Embedded Artificial Intelligence

Automated Embedded Artificial Intelligence for Asset Performance

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Halle 7, Stand B37





Live Demonstration


Digital Factory, Industrie 4.0, Predictive Maintenance


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Predicting the operating risk on a distant truck crane in real time. We wil display on our booth how Tellmeplus platform helps businesses leverage AI to dramatically improve the efficiency and performance of all assets.On the booth, the truck is equipped with connected sensors (crane elevation, hydraulic pressure of the crane jack, anemometer, gyroscope). We’ll show how predictive models enables both the driver & the control center to know when there is a risk linked to the truck use when network & sensors are connected. We stop the truck gateway’s IP connection. No more data is reaching the cloud, the operator is unable to supervise. But thanks to Automated Embedded AI, the sensors are still able to warn the driver from a risk event when no connexion. Connected or not, Predictive Objects provides same level of information about the risk associated to how the truck is run.


  Jean-Michel Cambot

Jean-Michel Cambot

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Tellmeplus

Jean-Michel Cambot, the original inventor of Business Objects (now part of SAP), founded Tellmeplus in 2011 and is now Chief Strategy Officer of the startup, bringing his vision and expertise in enterprise ...

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