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Forum Industrie 4.0 meets the Industrial Internet

New Capabilities, Real Outcomes with the Internet of Things

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Digital Factory, Industrial Automation, Industrie 4.0


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Everything, everywhere is connected-from mechanical bearings to elevators to industrial robots. Companies are using data from connected things to take operational cost out, boost factory up-time, improve yield and quality, and offer new services. With cognitive capabilities and artificial intelligence, companies are achieving these outcomes faster and more dramatically than ever before. How? By factoring in new forms of data, such as audio, image, and video inputs. By creating digital twins of products and assets to simulate, test, and understand the impact of changes to design or manufacturing processes. By embedding learning capabilities into robotic equipment that can self-optimize and continuously improve. And by making people's jobs easier and safer through machines that sense, predict and offer advice. Come hear how IBM and its clients are making this a reality with Watson IoT.

Keynote Harriett Green IBM

Video Keynote Harriett Green IBM
30:17 min

25.04.17 - Forum Industrie 4.0: New Capabilities, Real Outcomes with the Internet of Things


  Harriet Green

Harriet Green

General Manager, Watson Internet of Things, Customer Engagement & Education, IBM

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