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Al Transfo Technology

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AL TRANSFO DESIGN GROUP-we are a Chinese factory which  mainly design and produce transformers, low frequency transformers( from 0.35VA till to 800KVA), encapsulated transformers,  toroidal transformers,  current transformers, solid and split core transformers, single phase transformers, three phase transformers and inductors , common mode chokes, EE, EFD, EP, PQ, RM transformers, coils, AC/DC power supplies.
All products of ours are mainly used for solar, audio, lighting, medical, industrial, home electronics, automation, telecommunication products.  We have been producing transformers and inductors for 25 years. all of these ones could be custom made .

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Al Transfo Technology Ltd.

Hehuan Road 203
2th, Tianyi Building
230031 Hefei China


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