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Lütze, Friedrich

• High cost efficiency thanks to short assembly time • Duct-free wiring that saves 30% space • Optimized control cabinet air conditioning • Energy savings of up to 23% for control cabinet cooling • Longer lifecycles of wind turbine electrical components 6th November 2018, Weinstadt/Linstow. The electrical pioneer, Friedrich LÜTZE GmbH from Weinstadt will be holding a specialist presentation 'Lütze AirSTREAM control cabinet wiring system for onshore and offshore wind turbines' at 10 am on 8th November. LÜTZE is one of the pioneers of control cabinet air conditioning. The company is a newcomer to the wind industry and is looking forward to introducing itself at the 27th Wind Energy Days. For more than 60 years, LÜTZE has been supplying innovations and efficiency in automation technology. The energy and cost-efficient AirSTREAM system means improved safety for onshore and offshore wind energy systems, thanks to the improved air conditioning of the electrical equipment, greater space savings when wiring and also more cost efficiency as a result of the shorter assembly times. It is necessary for the air streams (AirBLADE baffles) to be guided around parts in the control cabinet, for example frequency converters, which have a higher power loss and heat dissipation to ensure specific cooling. In the early 1970s, Friedrich Lütze invented the duct-free wiring system. Since then, the company has consistently further developed the LÜTZE system. Insights from research projects conducted in close cooperation with the University of Stuttgart and the Fraunhofer Institute, plus 45 years of experience all contribute to the success of the LÜTZE wiring system. The AirSTREAM system has been used for many years in the automotive industry where it has proven its worth. With countless pioneering achievements and patents, LÜTZE is now one of the world's leading companies for efficient automation solutions. "Our AirSTREAM full system is a development that is a precise fit for the onshore and offshore wind industry. The fact that there are no cable ducts means that more than 30% space savings are possible compared to the mounting board", says Michael Bautz, Product Manager Cabinet, Friedrich LÜTZE GmbH, Germany. Hotspots and downtimes are significantly reduced by the AirSTREAM. The climate in the cabinet is homogenized and savings of up to 23% can be made in the control cabinet cooling. In addition to the cost efficiency, higher energy efficiency, fewer machine downtimes and longer lifecycles of the electrical parts, the system has a modular character, all of which are major benefits of the AirSTREAM full systems.

Temperature recording - mounting plate.

Temperature recording - AirSTREAM

Up to 30% space savings and improved thermodynamics in the AirSTREAM system compared to the mounting plate.