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Predictive Maintenance

Next-generation preventive maintenance powered by intelligent data exchange and analysis as a driver of value in industry

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Predictive maintenance (PdM) is an industrial Internet of Things technology that is steadily growing in importance as a driver of value in modern manufacturing. The Internet of Things is about interconnectedness – the digital integration of machines, products, components and up- and downstream systems.

With predictive maintenance, sensors tap into this interconnectedness to continuously capture in-service machinery condition data and combine it with data from other systems, such as ERP and CRM software. In this way, predictive maintenance detects the early warning signs of outages and triggers the necessary preventive measures.

PdM: just-in-time maintenance that makes manufacturers more competitive

The benefits of predictive maintenance are twofold. First, it enables factory operators to detect and fix problems before they lead to costly production outages. And second, it does this on a just-in-time basis. By intelligently monitoring and analyzing machine condition data, it predicts the optimal time for intervention so that maintenance is performed only when necessary. It is therefore a cost-saving improvement on conventional maintenance strategies, not to mention a pivotal part of the Industry 4.0 landscape.

The key to achieving an effective PdM solution lies in selecting the right hardware and software, generating, collecting and analyzing the correct data, and, of course, getting the right expert advice and support.

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Key themes

  • Reliability
  • Process safety
  • Data management
  • Intelligent integration of all process participants
  • "Cloud farming"


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