HANNOVER MESSE 2020, 20 - 24 April
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Bionics applies biological methods and systems found in nature to innovative engineering and technology concepts.

Elastomers are now increasingly being used for parts such as exhaust mountings that are subject to high mechanical stresses. However, micro-cracks that extend beyond a critical length under continuous strain can result in sudden component failure, even below the standard rated load. The OSIRIS project aims to help solve this problem by developing self-healing elastomers. The principle of supplementing an elastomer matrix with self-healing components (additives) is based on an approach used in bionics. Many plants seal their “wounds” with latex, which the plant secretes when it is damaged and which hardens to form a type of band-aid.

The term "bionics" describes the application of biological methods and systems in engineering and technology. The science behind it is inspired by nature and transforms its findings into innovative technology. Researchers have been showcasing their market-ready inventions in this field at HANNOVER MESSE for ten years. The international platform for bionic applications at the leading trade fair Research & Technology is simply called BIONICS. The wide range of key technologies exhibited here includes functional surfaces, optical technologies and product solutions from robotics, communications technology and microsystems technology.

Main display categories:
Featured here are a whole series of solutions in areas such as

  • functional surfaces,
  • optical technologies,
  • communications technology,
  • robotics and
  • microsystems technology


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