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A startup enters the C2C energy trade

More and more private households are generating more electricity than they need, for which they receive compensation when it is fed into the public grid. The enyway platform now brokers direct private-to-private power sales.

02 Dec. 2017
Claudia Witte
A startup enters the C2C energy trade (graphic: enyway GmbH)

enyway’s recently launched platform is intended to enable person-to-person energy trading. Anyone who generates electricity using a wind turbine, a solar roof, a hydroelectric power station or any other means can become an electricity supplier . The producer sets the price. On the other side, consumers can choose their personal energy supplier according to preferences, price, region and type of electricity at the click of a mouse. If the selected supplier cannot produce enough power for a certain time period – for example, because the sun is not shining – it simply supplies green electricity from the market.

The startup platform could help solve a key problem in private power generation: Although, according to the German Solar Industry Association , the necessary batteries are becoming cheaper and more efficient, intermediate overcapacities can still be stored only to a limited extent. With enyway, private producers can at least partially monetize their surpluses.