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Bosch unveils IoT campus for Berlin’s digital scene

Bosch has opened an IoT campus in Berlin for creative thinkers and digital experts. Up to 400 employees are to work in this creative environment, collaborating with clients and the company’s partners on IoT solutions.

31 Jan. 2018
Dirk Bongardt
Bosch unveils IoT campus for Berlin’s digital scene (Foto: Bosch)

The “creative district” Ullsteinhaus in Berlin is intended to provide an unconventional working environment for Bosch employees: Instead of a room full of cubicles, the space provides a trailer (mobile home), workshops, and spaces that resemble forests. Those responsible for the project describe it as a “living IoT lab”: The trailer is equipped with Bosch Smart Home products; the kitchens feature networked appliances; employees are explicitly encouraged to integrate their developments into their everyday work; and external members of the IoT community are welcome to visit the campus.

Germany is a trailblazer in developing systems for the Internet of Things and its application in an industrial context. By 2022, revenues in this sector are expected to double in Germany, according to a forecast by the eco Association of the Internet Industry . More than 50% of the German IoT market is found in the automotive industry and mechanical and system engineering.