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Industrie 4.0

Companies are making increased use of digitization teams

German companies are increasingly turning to specialists from their own IT departments to handle the digital revolution. However, very few companies are creating corresponding management positions.

20 Sep. 2018
Companies are making increased use of digitization teams

To adapt existing structures to the requirements of Industry 4.0, 26% of German companies rely on working groups created within their own IT departments, while 4% establish competence groups outside their IT department. These were the findings of a survey of about 600 companies conducted by the industry association Bitkom. This shows a significant increase compared to 2016; the corresponding percentages were 20% and 2% at the time. 69% of companies nevertheless have no associated organizational unit (2016: 77%). The survey also found that the smaller the company, the lower the likelihood that it has an in-house digitization team. While 74% of small (20 to 99 employees) and 61% of mid-sized (100 to 499 employees) companies do not have a corresponding team, only 24% of the big companies do without one.

Only one in ten German companies entrusts a special executive such as a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) with managing their digital transformation. This also differs depending on company size: while 44% of large companies have created such a position, SMEs (24%) and above all small businesses (6%) lag far behind. Despite this partial need to catch up, however, signs are pointing to digitization for German industry as a whole: according to a study by Staufen AG , the proportion of companies that have already implemented concrete Industry 4.0 projects recently exceeded the 50% mark for the first time.