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Cool-headed bodyguards

BOPLA is at HANNOVER MESSE to celebrate the premiere of its new ALUBOS enclosure profile variants. With integrated cooling fins, these innovative housings are designed to protect electronic components from overheating.

03 Apr. 2018
BOPLA Alubos
BOPLA Alubos

A main characteristic of Industry 4.0 is the increasing, you could even say inflationary, use of electronic components. These are often sensitive to just about anything - be it moisture, dust or even just rough handling. This calls for protection that can be customized as much as possible to safeguard against all eventualities. This is where BOPLA Gehäuse Systeme GmbH comes in. With a product portfolio of more than 25,000 articles for electronic components, the company is one of Germany’s leading suppliers of protective enclosures. BOPLA has now chosen HANNOVER MESSE 2018 to unveil its new ALUBOS profile enclosures with integrated cooling fins.

The ALUBOS range is renowned for its universal, black-coated aluminum profile housings with seals that satisfy the IP 65 protection rating as standard. Previously, only three profile variants and nine profile cross-sections were available. But now - in addition to the three profile cross-sections ABPH 600, ABPH 1000 and ABPH 1600 - there are also corresponding variants equipped with cooling fins. Further profile cross-sections are set to be launched in the near future. The cooling profile added to the bottom section of the three new horizontally divided ALUBOS enclosure profiles is predominantly designed to cool down integrated power electronics that generate a lot of waste heat.

While developing the cooling element solution, BOPLA managed to fill another gap in the ALUBOS range and will also offer the 1600 profile cross-section as a horizontally divided variant (ABPH 1600) in the future. The divided structure offers particular benefits for the integration of touchscreens and displays.

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Bopla Gehäuse Systeme at HANNOVER MESSE

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