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Data-driven industry underestimates its data

Although IoT solutions are ubiquitous and on the rise, the data resulting from networked production is not handled any differently than most company data: most companies do not really know what to do with it.

01 Dec. 2017
Michael Triadan
Data-driven industry underestimates its data (picture: Bsquare)

This year’s IIoT maturity study (Industrial Internet of Things) by the provider Bsquare shows that 86% of industrial companies have already implemented IoT solutions. However, less than half of the companies use advanced analytics; only a quarter is currently trying to automate the application of the findings.

A number of parameters are defined in order to estimate the maturity of an IoT solution. Each parameter has a minimum threshold that must be achieved for the solution to be considered as suitably qualified. One goal of this classification is to identify improvements and show concrete benefits. These models usually have four to five stages - such as the one preferred by Bosch . IoT innovation registers, such as those maintained by PAC , in conjunction with maturity models provide a good comparison of the developments.