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E-bike with four-wheel drive creates greater range

The Ethec is equipped with two wheel hub motors and is intended to last for up to 400 km. The engines recover part of the braking energy that is usually lost and reuse it for propulsion.

24 Jul. 2018
E-bike with four-wheel drive creates greater range (Photo: Ethec (ETH Zürich))

Students of ETH Zurich have developed the Ethec as the first e-motorbike with four-wheel drive. The two wheel hub motors are intended to create new opportunities for vehicle dynamics control and the recovery of braking energy (recuperation) results in the enormous range of 400 km. The energy source is a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 15 kWh. It is kept at an ideal temperature with innovative thermoelectric cooling. "The interaction of the Peltier element and the oil that completely envelops all the cells creates a very reliable and low-maintenance power source," the students wrote.

The continuous power level of the Ethec is 22 kW. Peak power is 50 kW. According to the developers, the e-motorbike achieves a top speed of 135 km/h. It starts by keyless system at the touch of a button, the engine is activated with a beacon via Bluetooth. The 7-inch touch screen display shows all important driving data and acts as a navigation system at the same time. However, the Swiss students consider the Ethec to be a pure research project. Its use on the road or even series production are currently not planned.