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Global cybersecurity initiative builds trust

The recently initiated "Charter of Trust" has now grown to include 16 well-known companies that are jointly demanding binding rules for more cybersecurity.

03 Jun. 2018
Global cybersecurity initiative builds trust (Photo: Siemens AG)

Successful digitization is industry's backbone. Consistent cybersecurity rules and standards are thus required to increase trust in digitization. The Charter of Trust , initiated by Siemens and presented for the first time at the Munich Security Conference in February 2018, has taken up this challenge. The eleven founding members include Deutsche Telekom, Airbus and the Allianz Group. As part of the National Infrastructure Week in Washington, the companies Cisco, Dell, Total and TÜV SÜD have now joined the group.

"The Charter of Trust aims to protect personal and corporate data, fending off dangers to peo-ple, companies, infrastructure and assets," explains Joe Kaeser , CEO of Siemens. Industry will open up to technological innovation only by relying on cybersecurity, as companies must be sure that products in the cloud are adequately protected against industrial espionage and man-ufacturing metrics remain inside the respective company. Successful defensive measures, how-ever, require uniform standards, which are becoming increasingly important in view of the sig-nificant increase in cyberattacks. This is exactly where members of the Charter of Trust want to intensify their efforts.