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Artificial Intelligence

Google CEO returns to the Stone Age

Are we living in an AI era like human kind before it learned to master fire? Google CEO Sundar Pichai seems to think so,

02 Feb. 2018
Dirk Bongardt
Google-CEO Sundar Pichai (Foto: Google)

according to online magazine The Verge . In an interview recorded for MSNBC, Pichai compared the significance of artificial intelligence with fundamental achievements such as the discovery of fire. Here, humans also had to learn to get a grasp of its negative side. The Google boss gives artificial intelligence a decisive role in fighting climate change or curing cancer. In his statements, Pichai also discusses the concerns that implementing artificial intelligence could destroy jobs – without offering a solution: History shows that countries that have refused to advance have suffered most due to changes.

A Gartner study promises that for now artificial intelligence could even create more jobs than it destroys. By 2020, market researchers calculate around 1.8 million jobs will be lost, but 2.3 million new jobs surrounding the future technology spring up. But for the affected workers, this means bracing for fundamental changes and acquiring the necessary knowledge