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Platform Economics

HPE launches an app platform for production lines

Express App Platform – Manufacturing is the name Hewlett Packard Enterprise is giving its new cloud offering. Here, companies can integrate new applications into production in just a few clicks.

09 Nov. 2017
Marie-Lucine Tapyuli
HPE launches an app platform for production lines (picture: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development)

In the future, application deployment in production should be no more complex than installing apps on a smartphone. HPE wants to make this possible via the new Express App Platform – Manufacturing . It is integrated into the online marketplace Cloud 28+ and allows the installation of the applications responsible for production in just six clicks and on site. And what’s more, ongoing production doesn’t need to be interrupted.

The apps available include applications for production management, such as MES and the like for extended planning and work preparation – and last but not least, IoT applications. Companies should therefore be in the position to intelligently automate complex production processes. The platform should be available worldwide by the end of 2017.

And with that, another big player is represented on the market with an IoT platform for industry, increasing the competition for the relevant ecosystem in this market of the future. The question of standards and interfaces will now be decisive. On the part of the German application companies, Adamos has already formed an alliance that focuses on supplier neutrality and open standards.