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I can see what you can't!

CMC Engineers GmbH is at HANNOVER MESSE 2017 to unveil its CMC ViewR software, a virtual reality solution specifically designed to meet the needs of SMEs.

19 Apr. 2017
CMC Engineers CMC ViewR

While the use of industry-specific VR solutions has till now been the preserve of just a few companies due to the high investment and perceived complexity involved, CMC Engineers GmbH - based in Hülben in Germany's Swabia region - is now set to make virtual prototyping accessible to a wider audience. Using a smart combination of existing toolkits and custom-designed interfaces, CMC has succeeded in launching onto the market a VR software solution that is both cost-effective and equipped with the necessary tools. CMC ViewR now also enables smaller companies to gain even more of an edge on their competitors through virtual testing of their designs and virtual sales presentations. CMC Engineers is now unveiling the CMC ViewR VR solution at HANNOVER MESSE 2017 with a live demonstration.

Thanks to its special focus on SMEs, CMC ViewR cuts the outlay for entering virtual reality to the lowest possible level. For example, specialist mechanical engineering companies will be able to visualize and evaluate their concepts and present them to their customers more quickly and easily in the future. Design engineers could interact with their designs to ensure their feasibility and serviceability and thus, among other things, incorporate ergonomic aspects into product development. CMC is keen to highlight the easy and intuitive user interface and the compatibility with HTC Vive consumer hardware and the STEP data exchange format as unique features of ViewR.

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