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Digital Twin

Intelligent Edge Computing calculates real-time twins

The US start-up SWIM has launched a software package that generates a digital twin from live data. With artificial intelligence, this happens on-site without any heavy load on the network.

25 Apr. 2018
Intelligent Edge Computing calculates real-time twins (Chart: SWIM Inc.)

The Californian company SWIM , which was founded in 2015, presented its flagship EDX , a software package specially designed for analysis of the data created in edge computing, at the beginning of April. Edge computing is the term used for decentralized data processing at the edge of the network. With the aid of its machine learning capacity, EDX is always able to understand the data flows from the edge devices precisely – frequently this involves IoT technology such as sensors – and to generate a digital twin from this. In contrast to other digital twin concepts, this twin always responds to the current incoming data. Over time, it should also be able to identify and report anomalies and draw attention to impending failures.

SWIM envisages its software being used, for example, in production environments, in networks and IT administration, in logistics, traffic management and even in smart cities.