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IoT technology stack makes individual sensor systems possible

Thinglyfied 2 combines various hardware components and software, allowing sensors to be connected and their data evaluated. As a result, the system is also suitable as a retrofit solution.

26 Jan. 2018
Kai Tubessing
IoT technology stack makes individual sensor systems possible (Chart: SSV Software Systems GmbH)

With Thinglyfied 2 the Hannover-based SSV Software Systems GmbH is introducing an IoT technology stack which can extend existing systems to include Industry 4.0 functions. Or it can be used as the basis for IoT-based data evaluation. A new feature of Thinglyfied 2 is that it provides its own data science functions for cloud use. The system enables the connection of battery-operated sensors, for example, which among other things provide information for evaluation by cloud-based predictive analytics services from third-party providers. The manufacturer’s focus lies particularly on the acquisition of data from time series measurements.

SSV cites integration of an MEMS sensor to record vibrations inside an enclosed housing with IP54 protection as a sample application. This information makes it possible, for example, to draw conclusions about the condition of installed drive elements and to implement solutions for preventive maintenance. A security concept covering the entire system architecture protects the data flow.

Putting the technological basis in place does not, however, mean that companies do not have to set up their own effective evaluation processes for the information acquired: in the latest McKinsey survey on this topic, it emerged that 54% of companies use only 10% of the data sets collected.