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Digital transformation, Industry 4.0, the Fourth Industrial Revolution… Regardless of the jargon, there’s no doubt that industrial companies are relying on technology partners more than ever, to support their growth ambitions, optimization objectives, and sustainability goals. At this year’s HANNOVER MESSE, Analog Devices (ADI) will be demonstrating their latest innovations, with a focus on technology solutions that enable the next generation of industrial capabilities. To realize efficiency, productivity, and sustainability goals, the industrial sector must capture new operational insights.

ADI’s leading technologies bridge the physical and digital worlds with sensing, connectivity, power, and processing solutions, enabling our customers to create next-generation capabilities and efficiencies, by adding intelligence wherever possible. ADI looks beyond components and hardware to a complete system-level impact, with a focus on holistic solutions that tackle every aspect of the industrial ecosystem.

This “whole ecosystem” perspective is critical to drive innovation within the market. Creating the technological solutions required to support this digital transformation initiative can’t be achieved by any single company – collaboration will be necessary. ADI’s position within the ecosystem provides a unique opportunity to make connections, accelerate adoption of new technology, and facilitate innovation across the industry, ensuring that innovative technologies deliver against stringent market requirements.

As an increasingly large number of companies realize that must move swiftly to capitalize on industry-wide megatrends of digitization and sustainability to stay ahead of their competition, they’re quickly finding out that delivering solutions at the application level can be complicated. As a result of close collaboration and deep understanding of customer needs, ADI is taking on more of this complexity and reducing customers’ time to market by designing more of their solutions for application-level impact.

During HANNOVER MESSE, visitors will have the opportunity to hear from leaders across ADI’s organization:

Conference Stage Industry 4.0
Title: Digital Factory of the Future
Speaker: Fiona Treacy, Managing Director, Product Line Management
Date/Time: April 23, 15:35 – 15:55

Conference Stage Industrial Wireless & 5G
Title: Hybrid Networking for a Sustainable Industry 4.0
Speaker: Dr. Olive Murphy, Director, Industrial Innovation
Date/Time: April 23, 13:15 – 13:35

Conference Stage Energy 4.0
Title: The Convergence of Industry 4.0 and the Decentralized, Clean Energy Grid
Speaker: Andrew Waller, Sales Director EMEA, Energy
Date/Time: April 24, 13:25 – 13:45

Visit the ADI booth during HANNOVER MESSE, April 22-26th, for more information.