HANNOVER MESSE 2020, 20 - 24 April
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Predictive Maintenance

Weidmüller u-link

Monitor machines securely and efficiently with u-link, the web-based remote maintenance solution. u-link simplifies remote maintenance and increases plant productivity through an accelerated service.

11 Apr. 2016

The new u-link web-based remote maintenance solution from Weidmüller impresses with its swift and secure access to machines and plants. u-link simplifies global remote maintenance from any location by means of a secure VPN connection and enables efficient management of both production facilities and user clients.

In addition to an innovative cloud service running on secure, high-availability servers in Germany, u-link also provides an online platform with secure "containers". In other words, data is protected from access by "third parties".

Weidmüller Interface at HANNOVER MESSE

At HANNOVER MESSE 2019 you could visit Weidmüller Interface on-site and learn more about the latest products and services. more