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A new battery storage system intelligently networks devices

A battery storage system with artificial intelligence is set to enable commercial, industrial and utility companies to directly interconnect e-vehicles, photovoltaic systems and other devices. They can be analyzed and controlled via a cloud.

22 May. 2019
A new battery storage system intelligently networks devices (Photo by Jesse Orrico on Unsplash)

German start-up AmbiBox and Swiss energy service provider Alpiq have combined their expertise for the so-called “DC Microgrid Center Storage”. Networking energy devices should allow energy flows to be optimized and peak loads to be capped. Further fields of application are the flexible charging and discharging of electric vehicles or the uninterruptible power supply of buildings. A considerable advantage of the solution , which works with artificial intelligence (AI), is that locally independent battery storage systems can be interconnected to form a swarm in order to stabilize the power grid.

The use of battery storage systems has only been economically lucrative for a small number of industrial companies to date according to the specialist portal , which refers to a study by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT): the storage systems are only economically efficient if they are correctly dimensioned and used in several fields of application.