HANNOVER MESSE 2020, 20 - 24 April
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Bonding in the fast lane

Weicon GmbH & Co. KG is at HANNOVER MESSE 2019 to present a new 2-component epoxy resin system with residual elasticity and impressive impact strength - Weicon High Performance (HP). The innovative solution has been designed especially for structural adhesive bonding.

18 Mar. 2019

Since 1947, Weicon GmbH & Co. KG has been manufacturing specialist products, such as specialty adhesives and sealants, technical sprays, high-performance assembly pastes and greases for all areas of industry - from production, repair and servicing right through to maintenance. The company is now in Hannover to unveil Weicon HP - a new adhesive that has been specially designed for structural bonding. This 2-component epoxy resin system is practically shrink-free, with residual elasticity and outstanding impact strength.

Weicon HP is said to offer exceptional bonding strength and can be used on virtually all surfaces. According to the developers the paste-like texture of the new adhesive makes it non-drip and spreadable. This ensures it can also be used on vertical surfaces and even for overhead applications. What's more, its high elongation at break means it is also ideal for repairs on machines that exhibit high levels of vibration. Weicon HP can thus be used for a whole range of applications, including lining pump housings that have to withstand heavy usage, as wear protection for slide bearings, chutes and pipes, and wherever dark adhesives are unsuitable for aesthetic reasons.


At HANNOVER MESSE 2019 you could visit WEICON on-site and learn more about the latest products and services. more