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Brandenburg can become a pioneer in hydrogen

A study of potential by the Deutsche Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellen-Verband (German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (DWV)) confirms that the federal state of Brandenburg has a good chance of becoming a center for the hydrogen industry.

28 Aug. 2019
Photo: H2 MOBILITY / Krumbholz

The study of potential was carried out by the DWV on behalf of Brandenburg’s Ministry of Economics and Energy . Its main findings can be summarized briefly: Brandenburg represents an attractive site for an electrolysis industry and “green” hydrogen, which is made with the aid of Power-to-X technologies from renewable energy sources, offers great opportunities for the region. Through the establishment of relevant manufacturers alone, up to 7,000 high-quality industrial jobs could be created. There is a wide range of possible applications for hydrogen, e.g. in the steel and chemical industries or in the refinery in Schwedt in the Uckermark region for the production of synthetic fuels, so-called e-fuels. Further applications include heavy goods vehicles, inland and passenger shipping and the area of public transport.

In order to exploit the potential of Brandenburg when it comes to hydrogen, the study recommends several measures for the region. These include, in addition to the establishment of research institutes and support for hydrogen projects, funding options for companies in the hydrogen industry.