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Artificial Intelligence

EnBW and Karlsruhe test intelligent bollards

In the digital world, the boundaries between industries are becoming increasingly blurred: the energy provider EnBW and the city of Karlsruhe are testing an intelligent bollard. It is designed to increase public safety and, among other things, should be able to classify vehicle types.

11 Aug. 2019
EnBW and Karlsruhe test intelligent bollards (Photo: EnBW)

Like its analog predecessor, a bollard equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) is used, above all, to alleviate and control traffic. Over the next twelve months, two of them are to be tested in the center of Karlsruhe. One of them is new, the second is already in place and is being retrofitted with appropriate technology, as reported by EnBW . The AI bollards should, for example, be able to identify police and fire department vehicles and provide them with unobstructed access. Residents should be able to pass through by means of recognition of their license plate. In turn, the municipal authorities can set up access authorizations from a central point. Going forward, there is also a plan to measure vehicle speeds.

In China, even more progress seems to have been made with intelligent traffic control. As reported in the Handelsblatt , traffic in Hangzhou, until now the traffic-jam capital of the country, has been optimized by means of AI. Immediately it fell from the top position to position 57. In Hangzhou, traffic signs and lights also respond to deployments by the emergency services.