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Germany only ‘middling’ when it comes to blockchain

When it comes to blockchain technology, the German industry believes it is lagging behind other countries. This was the finding of a survey conducted by German digital association Bitkom.

30 Apr. 2019
Germany only ‘middling’ when it comes to blockchain (Photo: Bitkom)

For its survey , Bitkom Research polled some 1,000 people responsible for digital technologies in their company, namely companies with 50+ employees from six different industries (automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, transport and logistics, retail, energy and water, banks and insurance companies) and public authorities.

Of the companies/administrative bodies surveyed, 89% stated that the use of blockchain is not of interest to them: Some 86% of them have not even looked at potential applications, while 3% have decided not to use it. Of the remaining organizations and companies, 2% are currently discussing whether and how they might use blockchain. Just 4% are in the information and implementation phase, while only 2% have already initiated initial blockchain-based projects. A total of 10% of the respondents believe that German industry is lagging behind other countries when it comes to blockchain; a further 46% said Germany is among the countries bringing up the rear here. In terms of international ranking, 40% rated Germany as middling – and none placed the country among the top countries or as a world leader.