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Hamburg successfully completes 5G testing

The Hamburg Port Authority, Deutsche Telekom and Nokia have successfully completed a one-and-a-half year 5G field trial at the Port of Hamburg. The project partners now claim to have a “clear technological lead”.

29 Jun. 2019
Photo: Deutsche Telekom AG

Various industrial applications were tested in virtual networks on the basis of a common infrastructure. The advantage of such “network slicing” is that the networks can have different characteristics that correspond to the specific requirements of different application cases. Among other things, sensors that provided real-time motion and environmental data from three ships were tested. According to the operators of the EU-funded project, testing showed that various complex industrial mobile applications can work reliably in a single network.

As telecommunications provider Ericsson reports in its latest Mobility Report , 5G is becoming established worldwide faster than previously expected. The proportion of 5G mobile communications contracts, for example, is now expected to rise to around 40% by 2024. The newspaper Die Welt recently headlined that German industry is likely to be kept waiting, due to the lack of cooperation between network operators in Germany.


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