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Researchers plan development boost for autonomous cars

How can autonomous e-vehicles be developed more quickly, cost-effectively and resource-efficiently? And how can the safety of those vehicles on the road be increased? A research project is trying to answer these questions

15 Jun. 2019
Photo: e.GO Mobile AG

In vehicle development, trends such as automated driving and the design of alternative engines make requirements increase in a series of quantum leaps. A multitude of parameters such as consumption, range and driving comfort must be optimized and the safety of the system guaranteed.

A team of experts now wants to make the development processes for manufacturers and suppliers more reliable, more economical and faster. The team’s employees come from dSPACE , a specialist in mechatronic control systems, from e-automobile manufacturer e.GO Mobile and from the University of Paderborn . In their project “Simultaneous development and testing of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) using the example of an electrically driven autonomous vehicle – SET CPS”, they are intending to develop intelligent, simulation-based procedures that improve and systematize the development and testing process for complex vehicles and increase the level of automation. The plan is to integrate the new procedures into the tool chain of dSPACE and evaluate them using the example of e.GO’s vehicle development.