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SMEs increasingly leveraging big data an

SMEs increasingly leveraging big data and cloud computing

How digitally advanced are SMEs? The IfM Bonn has analyzed the use of information and communication technologies by SMEs in Germany.

20 Apr. 2019
SMEs increasingly leveraging big data and cloud computing (Chart: IfM Bonn/Eurostat)

In its latest analysis, the Institut für Mittelstandsforschung (institute for SME research, IfM) in Bonn draws on relevant data from Eurostat , according to which SMEs in Germany are now more frequently utilizing large data volumes to create value more efficiently or to develop their business model in digital form: In 2018, three times as many SMEs leveraged big data than in 2016. Overall, however, this is just one in seven SMEs. This result places German SMEs slightly above the EU average – though significantly below the German and EU average for large corporations.

When it comes to cloud computing, German SMEs are considerably more active today than in 2016: 22% stated that they had used free IT services from the virtual cloud in the past year. Nonetheless, this figure remains below the EU average of 25%.

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