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Nickel-containing cathodes enable the production of "super batteries"

The cathode material in a new lithium-ion battery that is now entering the production stage is characterized by a higher nickel content. The nickel extends the storage period.

26 Dec. 2017
Claudia Witte
Nickel-containing cathodes enable the production of "super batteries" (picture: CAMX Power LLC.)

"Cathode materials are the key to electrifying vehicles," says Kenan Sahin , who sees himself and his company CAMX Power as " e-mobility enablers ". His super battery is characterized by a cathode with a higher nickel content, which boosts its energy density by 25%. This allows it to store and release many lithium ions; as well, the energy can be stored for longer times after charging.

Thanks to its higher nickel content, it also requires significantly less rare and expensive cobalt. High-nickel cathodes have previously suffered stability problems and shortened durability. CAMX Power has developed a molecular composition that stabilizes the materials by placing small amounts of cobalt in critical areas. The powder is now being produced under license (Sahin has very clear ideas regarding intellectual property and can also enforce them) by two of the world’s largest chemical producers and sold to battery manufacturers: Johnson Matthey and BASF .