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Digital Twin

Point clouds make digital twins accessible

Elysium uses point cloud data to make 3D scans of complete assets and turn them into virtual reality. Afterwards, the digital twins are freely accessible.

19 Feb. 2018
Kai Tubessing
Point clouds make digital twins accessible (Foto: Elysium Co. Ltd.)

InfiniPoints for Oculus is used to visualize point cloud data and CAD models in virtual environments, for example, to create spaces that can be explored using suitable VR glasses. Elysium itself has architecture and engineering in mind in particular. Professionals involved in a project use compatible data glasses and an additional input device to meet at any point in the digital twin. As a result, the provider, who recently added an update to the software for improved shaft modeling , hopes to significantly improve communications. The 3D laser scanning process forms the basis for the acquisition of point cloud data, the visualization of which is intended to allow a detailed overview of construction sites as well as buildings or facilities in virtual space without the project planning having to visit the place personally.

Even safety on construction sites should benefit from VR applications in the future. In mid-2017, the Ruhr-University Bochum launched a project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research to investigate the potential of virtual reality and digitization for greater occupational safety and to help identify and eliminate hazards well in advance.