HANNOVER MESSE 2020, 20 - 24 April
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Real-Time Avatars

A virtual tour through a factory is nothing new, in and of itself. But TechViz in Hall 7 has taken it one step further.

16 Apr. 2015
Virtuelle Fabrik

Up until now, 3D visualization was a complex undertaking. CAD data had to be converted and imported into the VR software, and multiple systems had to be connected. And nothing worked without pricey specialty hardware anyway. The French company TechViz has now simplified this process.

Their new technology accesses CAD data from all systems on the network in real time, and compiles it into a 3D prototype – of anything from car models to complete production facilities. The user watches their avatar move through the virtual environment in first-person perspective by way of a head-mounted display, for example, complete with full body and finger tracking. Thanks to this interactive connection, the engineer can make instant changes – such as switching out a component that doesn’t work as planned.

This technology is also financially beneficial for smaller manufacturing firms – it runs on any standard display that supports 3D images.

Learn more about 3D visualization at the CAE Forum and the Additive Manufacturing Plaza in Hall 7.