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Sawyer SDK simulates Cobot behavior

The new software development kit is not only intended to expand the functionality of Rethink Robotics’ Cobot technology, but also to initiate topic-related research projects.

23 Feb. 2018
Kai Tubessing
Sawyer SDK simulates Cobot behavior (Foto: Rethink Robotics)

With its recently launched SDK for its own Sawyer Cobots , the US manufacturer Rethink Robotics is in particular turning to research which gives it a wider range of possibilities for visualizing and investigating the interactions of the robot. The program is compatible with the Gazebo Simulator , which has just received a major update to version 9.0.0 and will be integrated on an open source basis. As a result, students also have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with collaborative robot technology as part of their training.

The Sawyer SDK itself allows robot programming in the Cartesian coordinate system with a new motion interface for easier motion planning, has improved force control capability, and supports gripper peripherals from the ClickSmart range . Through its offering to research, the manufacturer hopes for new developments and valuable feedback for the optimization of their products. Last but not least, the SDK is expected to assist in making collaborative robots a broader part of modern manufacturing concepts.