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Integrated Energy

Solar energy makes life on the construction site easier

Together with the German company Tesvolt, the globally active construction company CCC has developed the world's first 100% solar-powered and network-independent mobile protective cabin for construction workers.

09 Aug. 2018
Solar energy makes life on the construction site easier (Photo: Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC))

The cabin can be used as an office during the day and as sleeping quarters for employees on construction sites at night – even in very hot countries. Athens-based Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), which builds worldwide and especially in the Middle East, teamed up with energy storage expert Tesvolt to develop the cabin. The Wittenberg-based company produces Samsung SDI lithium cell energy storage devices and was given the Smarter E Award in 2018 for its off-grid facility on an Australian avocado farm.

Drawing on the energy of six hours of direct sunlight per day, the worksite cabin can maintain a room temperature of 25°C for 24 hours given an outdoor temperature of up to 50°C. The system was built and put into operation according to the latest norms and IEC standards. Photovoltaic modules generate electricity during the day, while surpluses are fed into the battery storage device for later consumption. The system can be monitored, analyzed and adjusted online at any time and from anywhere in the world. The cabin is in keeping with the United Nations sustainable development goals and the " Shaping the Future of Construction " agenda set by the World Economic Forum.