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The blockchain should revolutionize logistics in Hamburg

The Hamburg project "Hansebloc" plans to leverage blockchain technology to provide seamless reliability and security for transport processes and the associated transmission of documents. Their declared aim is to create a uniform standard.

11 Aug. 2018
The blockchain should revolutionize logistics in Hamburg (Photo: Hamburg Marketing GmbH)

" Hansebloc " is planning nothing less than a logistical revolution: They expect blockchain technology to render obsolete all previous transmission paths for accompanying documents, i.e. paper, e-mails, cloud services or freight exchanges, while at the same time solving urgent logistics problems. Previous software solutions and data transmission interfaces not only lack consistency, they are also more error-prone and less forgery-proof than the new blockchain-based approach.

By contrast, the Hansebloc project uses blockchain to store identical digital documents at various points in the network. Modifications can thus only be made with the consent of all parties involved in the process. Blockchain technology thus still has plenty of potential to offer: IBM helps companies implement the technology and sees the modern approach as an opportunity to create completely new business models .

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research, which is investing 1.9 million euros, provides additional support for the Hamburg project. Logistics Initiative Hamburg is responsible for coordination. Hansebloc aims to give particular consideration to the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises in elaborating the technical standards.