HANNOVER MESSE 2019, 01 - 05 April

Trade fair cost check

HANNOVER MESSE. The industrial sector’s most important business platform. A unique place to spotlight products and present business offers. Top-class decision-makers with concrete investment plans at your stand. Worldwide media coverage. It all sounds great. But how much does it cost?

That’s usually the first question companies ask us when they are thinking about exhibiting at HANNOVER MESSE for the first time. It’s reason enough to put together a brief guide for everyone who wants to know more.

What items cost the most? What expenses are most often forgotten during the planning phase? What is the most cost-efficient way to design a successful trade show presentation?

If an appearance is well-planned, prepared, carried out, and followed up, it’s possible to implement a successful trade show even if you have a small budget.



Distribution of expenses for trade show participation *

  • Stand construction and assembly, transport, insurance, cleaning, security 30.8%
  • Stand rental 20.7%
  • Personnel costs for preparation, implementation, and follow-up activities 16.3%
  • Food and lodging 12.6%
  • Travel expenses 10.2%
  • Other expenses (e.g. advertising, hospitality costs) 6.7%
  • Purchases, leisure, entertainment 2.7%

*Source: Survey results conducted by the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA)

Cost factor: The number of trade shows each year

In 2016 and 2017, German companies exhibiting at trade shows planned and appeared at a good four trade shows each year. They invested an average of € 40,000 per show (Source: Association of the German Trade Fair Industry AUMA). Our tip:

Less is more! It’s more important for exhibitors to appear at the right shows, instead of as many as they can. The HANNOVER MESSE team can also consult with you on what the best shows are for your target group.

Cost factors: Trade show stand and stand space rental

In principle, exhibitors can decide whether to work with their own trade show builder or with a modular system from Deutsche Messe. The size of the stand is the most important factor when calculating the cost. Corner, head, or island booths are more expensive than row booths. The location of the stand is also a major factor in determining the price. Our tips:

There are turnkey packages (with stand construction, furnishings, catering, and much more) like the fair packages provided by Deutsche Messe that start at € 4,442 and take care of much of the work. The cost of the stand space alone starts at € 83 per square meter on the open air site.

Junge, innovative Unternehmen können Ihren Messeauftritt vom Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie fördern lassen.

In addition, you can participate in a group pavilion. This guarantees a great location at the trade show for a reasonable price. Emanuel Marra would be happy to provide you with a personal consultation: +49 511 89-31146.

Cost factor: Stand extras

There are extras you can’t do without: These include electricity, water, telephone, and Internet and, for example, cleaning and security services. It’s easy to forget but additional extras optimize the operation of the stand or enhance its comfort. For example, furniture that makes visitors want to linger, plants that add coziness, and staff who take care of the guests. Our tip:

Modular stands provided by Deutsche Messe already include basic features which provide just about everything you need for a successful appearance. If desired, additional furnishings and services can also be booked – even on site at short notice. You can find an overview of the extras and services provided by Deutsche Messe in the shop .

Cost factor: Marketing

Appearing at a trade show without a marketing budget? Unthinkable. After all, the trade show, along with preparation and follow-up, needs to be planned carefully. Maybe an exhibit has to be constructed? And don’t forget advertising material and appealing give-aways. Marketing expenses conform to the services desired. Our tip:

A professional trade show partner such as Deutsche Messe provides well-informed consulting services from A to Z including all the services you need from a single source. This kind of planning allows you to save a lot and make a great impact even if you’re working with a small budget. Emanuel Marra would be happy to provide you with a personal consultation. He is at your side to make sure all your questions are answered – even for first-timers: +49 511 89-31146.

Cost factor: Travel and lodging

Participating in a trade fair also includes expenses for travel, accommodation and meals – for you and your employees. Our tip:

Booking early ensures that you get the best deals! We recommend booking through Deutsche Messe’s exclusive partner: Hannover Marketing & Tourismus GmbH (HMTG), the official marketing company of the regional capital of Hannover.

There are a number of expenses that exhibitors are faced with when participating in trade shows. Some are fixed, but others can be adjusted to fit the existing budget.

Would you like to know more? What are the cost benefits? What costs accrue when using other instruments (ads, sales visits) to achieve the objectives of trade show participation? Calculate it for yourself: The AUMA TradeFairBenefitCheck makes it possible. This free software helps you evaluate your participation in a trade show as an exhibitor and details the cost-benefit equation. It goes a long way to answering your questions.