HANNOVER MESSE 2020, 20 - 24 April

Exhibitor Press Releases

Gebr. Becker

The focus is on innovative and rapidly growing user industries such as additive manufacturing technologies. Here, high-quality blowers are required to circulate the inert gas in the workspace of the machines or to pneumatically convey the metal powder. For this application, Gebr. Becker offers the gas-tight and speed-controlled side channel blowers of the VASF (Figure 1) and SV series as well as gas-tight heat exchangers. They create the conditions for an exact temperature control of the additive manufacturing process. The gas-tight design prevents the entry of oxygen and keeps the valuable protective gas in the process without leakage losses. A current extension of the VASF series has been developed with fuel cell applications in mind. The blowers, which supply atmospheric oxygen to the cathode side, draw their energy directly from the fuel cell. Under these conditions, the new generation of VASF 2 side channel blowers (Figure 2) offers real advantages because Becker's design engineers have succeeded in increasing the efficiency level by about 10% compared with the predecessor series. The vacuum pumps of the U 5 series (Figure 3), which have been specially developed for packaging processes in the food industry, are another focus of the exhibition at the ComVac stand of Gebr. Becker. They allow hygienic packaging of fresh goods in a nitrogen and oxygen atmosphere and automatically control the varying air requirement. This saves energy. In addition, with at least seven percent faster evacuation times (compared with commercially available vacuum pumps), these pumps are among the most efficient high-performance vacuum pumps for the food packaging market. Compact structural dimensions ensure the smallest footprint and easy integration into packing machines. Optimised rated motor power reduces power consumption and guarantees energy-efficient opera-tion. A central component for the efficient generation of blow air and vacuum, the controller VARIAIR Controller+ (Vacon+ for short), will also be presented at the ComVac. The associated software, an in-house development by Becker, enables demand-based control and coordination of several blowers, compressors and vacuum pumps at one or different pressure levels. The user can enter the desired parameters via a touch screen. The function of this controller, which also offers comprehensive possibilities for data recording and evaluation, will be demonstrated on the stand by means of a pick-and-place application. Thus, Becker will show the following at ComVac: modern blowers, compressors and vacuum pumps with directly coupled, speed-controlled drives make a significant contribution to the energy efficiency of automated processes in many industrial applications. Gebr. Becker at Hannover Messe ComVac (hall 26, stand C 40)

Fig 1_Becker_VASF 1.80 gas-tight

Fig 2_Becker side channel blower VASF 2.50 with silencer

Fig 3_Rotary vane vacuum pump Becker U 5.300